Dear Patrons of Nancy Hammond Editions,

I wanted to be the first to tell you the news!

We are moving Nancy Hammond Editions to Annapolis!  We plan to open in September at our new location at 192 West Street Annapolis.

With Kate Hammond, my daughter-in-law managing the business and Kristin Ransone in charge of sales, we have a experienced crew as staff.

Being on the Eastern Shore, in Centreville, has been a wonderful pause for all of us.  Our short rural commute was convenient.  Combines and tractors were often on the roads at harvest time or spring planting but who's complaining?

The school bus stopped at the gallery's door.  Customers stayed longer and we chatted more.

I, particularly, refreshed my creative spirit.  Green must be the most restful color in the world!  The views across the fields were breathtaking.  We saw eagles and herons and baby osprey learning to fly!  Calm and serene described our routine............ until we began to miss the pulse of city life.

Finally, we couldn't wait another minute!  Enough with the crickets!  Bring on the bells and the boating horns,the bridge openings and the USNA parades!

We're having a Packing-Up-and-Moving SALE in July. 
Big discounts! (Don't make us move everything!)
August we are closed.

We'll see you at the opening party in Annapolis!  You are always on our invitation list!

Till then--

Wear your sunscreen!  Ride that wave!  Hike that trail!  Enjoy your summer!

Fondly, with great anticipation,

Nancy Hammond