The Chesapeake Region's Ever-Evolving Artist,

Nancy Hammond, Releases her 2017 Annual Chesapeake Poster



Crescent Moon, the 16th poster in Nancy Hammond’s annual poster series, will be released Saturday October 22nd at 10am. 

The first day of the sale, Saturday October 22nd, the price of the poster is $75 until the edition is either sold out or the end of the business day at 6pm. The price will stay at $75.00 all day.  This price is for in person sales only.  

The next day, October 23, the price then begins at $200.00.  

The edition price rises until the edition is sold out.

Phone and internet orders will begin to be taken on this day, October 23.

In 2014, the poster sold out by 1pm.

"We have increased the size of the edition so we hope to have enough posters for everyone that first day.  But!  There is no guarantee." says Hammond.

Nancy Hammond’s newest poster, Crescent Moon, captures the ethereal experience of sailing the Chesapeake at night with sails unfurling in the moonlight and Thomas Point lighthouse in silhouette.

“Sailing at night is especially mysterious with the sound of the rushing water and the rustle of the sails.” says Nancy Hammond. “Often the crew down below is asleep and the world belongs to the helmsman."  

Each poster is gift-wrapped in color-coordinated tissue, a gold foil tube, custom label, a navy blue bag--all complementing the design of the poster.  Each poster is signed and numbered by the artist.

Gallery manager Kate Hammond says: “This year, the poster captures all of what Nancy’s art is about.  Her errant splashes create movement and they always show a love of life on the water.  We are pleased to continue this Annapolis tradition.”  

The day of the sale is a special event hosted by Nancy Hammond and her gallery staff.

Nancy Hammond, host and artist, greets each patron at the door.  Patrons enjoy “provisioning bags” with treats to sustain them as they gather in excitement of purchasing the annual poster.

Everyone enjoys the celebratory atmosphere the poster release brings.

Nancy Hammond Editions is located at 192 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401 and online at